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Honey Whole Grain and Rosemary Bread

Love it? Hate it? Crave it? Avoid it? If you live in the US, at least one of those probably describes your relationship with bread. Maybe all of them! The explosion of people who are trying to limit their gluten intake has made everyone who thinks about eating at least reconsider their relationship with bread at some point. If you do still eat bread, this seedy, honey whole grain rosemary bread is amazing. I made this recipe up a decade ago, and just pulled it out again after not making any bread for six year. Try it – it is awesome. When I lived in Japan...

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Fabi + Rosi : Austin Date Night Restaurant Review

Quiet and beautiful are the two words that you want to come to mind when you’re looking for a date night restaurant. Rachel and I try to have a date night a couple times a month, and we usually have an idea of where we want to go. This time, the place we had in mind was packed and noisy – not an ideal date night. After walking away, we sat in the car for a few minutes trying to think of somewhere else we could go that we could get in without too much of a wait. Rachel thought of Fabi +...

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Flour and Vine – Austin Happy Hour Restaurant Review

Flour and Vine is a great name for a restaurant, although I don’t really have any idea what it refers to in this case. Rachel and I first ate here a couple years ago just after they opened on South Lamar just shy of the river. Our first meal here was really excellent. I think we had something not too far from what we ordered this time. The food was well balanced, the wines were well chosen, and the people were super friendly. With such a great location, we ate at Flour and Vine a number of times, but after a while we thought that the...

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The Insanely Delicious Miso Sauce

Insanely delicious AND ridiculously simple It’s true, this miso sauce is so easy and tasty that it’s ridiculous! We started using it as a sushi dipping sauce, but we’ve used it as a pasta base, spring roll sauce, condiment sauce, and tonight a sauce for TACOS! I think this was a collaborative recipe. Rachel had been making a sauce in her Macrobiotic culinary classes that was very much like this, but without the mirin. I learned to make a sauce like this for pasta when I was living in Japan. Mostly we use this as a dipping sauce for sushi, but it also makes a...

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