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Daily Food 2

What I eat  Here is my second try at cataloging everything I’m eating. This was actually from the week before we went on vacation, but it grabbed a pretty good representative week. We’ve been loving make your own sushi nights this summer. Maybe next I’ll write a post on just that. Click on the pics to see them larger with descriptions. More fun, tasty and interesting posts for your perusal… The Insanely Delicious Miso Sauce Oct 12, 2016 delicious AND ridiculously simple It's true, this miso sauce is so easy and tasty that it's ridiculous! We started using it as a sushi...

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Miso Hungry – Watch this movie!

We love food movies! Last weekend we saw a really good one called Miso Hungry (2016). Miso Hungry is a documentary that follows Craig Anderson, an Australian comedian and actor, as he is challenged to eat nothing but Japanese food for 12 weeks, beginning with two weeks in Japan learning about the food and how to cook it. It is the exact opposite of Super Size Me. Miso Hungry begins with Craig Anderson looking honestly at his life habits, and his excessive weight, and seeing a doctor who tells him frankly about his weight related poor health. Craig takes on the journey with an endearing and disarmingly charming approach,...

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Low Brow – High Brow: Nelson and Rachel eat out in Austin

Where to Eat?? Isn’t that always a huge question? We cook at home a lot – most of the time, but there are just those times when you can’t or don’t want to take the time to eat at home. Rachel and I have been thinking for a while that we should do some Austin restaurant reviews of our favorite places to dine or just about restaurants in general. Well, last week we had a date night, and we decided to check out Botticelli’s – a cute little Italian place on South Congress. Just the day before we went to one of our favorite lunch spots...

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Daily Food, First Attempt

What do I really eat? Ever wondered what all you really eat in a week? I was thinking about this and thought it would be cool to photograph everything I ate in a week. I didn’t manage to get everything, but I’ll try again! See below the pics for what I missed. Click on the pics to see them larger with descriptions. well, it was hard to remember to actually take the pictures. I failed when we went out to eat or was too distracted with socializing. Too bad – I missed two wonderful meals with friends – an awesome make your own pizza night and a delicious...

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