The Well Balanced Life

We’re Nelson and Rachel, Welcome to our Blog! We started this to share what we have learned about how to create a healthy, balanced and sustainable life with good cooking, eating and physical activity. Join us on our journey!

Finding Balance in Eating

How can we eat healthy with this crazed life we all lead, and not fall victim to the diet trap?

The Body Sustainable

How do we keep our body healthy for the long haul when our lives are increasingly sedentary and fragmented?

Family and Community Fun

Gotta share some fun! It’s all part of finding balance! 😀
About Us
When we got together as a couple we realized that we shared a world of thoughts and ideas about how to live a healthy, balanced life. It is something we think about all the time. We cook together, we spend time outdoors together and we are trying to raise a healthy, happy daughter while keeping our own lives balanced and our bodies healthy. We want what everyone wants – health and happiness for ourselves and others.

We live in Austin, TX where Chef Rachel Zierzow is a macrobiotic chef and culinary instructor, and Nelson Guda, is an artist, PhD biologist and instructor of physical practice. We both have spent much of our lives learning, researching and teaching others about how to maintain a healthy body and mind through balanced eating, cooking and physical activity.

Neither of us believes in gurus. We believe in the importance of continued learning, and we know that everyone’s bodies and lives are different. We are starting this blog, because so many people have asked us to share what we have learned over the years about eating healthy and staying fit. Of course, we each have our own histories and challenges, which we see as learning points that we hope to share openly so that you always know where our advice and experience is coming from.

Rachel is a professional chef specializing in macrobiotics and healthy cooking. She teaches culinary arts at The Natural Epicurean in Austin, TX. Nelson is a professional artist, bodywork instructor, and PhD biologist. Nelson is also a serious foodie and lifestyle chef. He has cooked since he was a child and worked in a dozen restaurants doing jobs ranging from line cook to sous chef.

You can read more about us on our professional websites: and

Thanks for joining us, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and stories!

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