The Art of Making Sushi Rice

The Art of Making Sushi Rice

The Art of Making Sushi Rice

by Jun 23, 2016Finding Balance in Eating, Recipes

Making sushi rice is an art. This is a recipe I recently posted on my Chef Rachel Z site, and I thought I’d start out this blog by reposting it here. Sushi rice is such essential part of making good sushi, I am still learning how to perfect it. This recipe works really well for making nori rolls, sushi, and rice balls. It lacks the sugar and preservatives that fast-food sushi contains, but is perfectly sticky (not mushy) and flavorful. Good luck making your first sushi rice! Soon I will post a recipe for a simple nori roll.

Here’s the link to the recipe on my site. The great thing about sushi rice is that you can make a lot and then use it for several meals. Having something like this made in advance is a great way to make easy, delicious and fast meals.  I’ll post more on this soon!

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