This one can also change your life!  🙂

This second exercise is a little less obvious.  Lay on the floor, lift your feet above your head, and try to tilt your hips so that your butt lifts off the ground. This one really helps train your muscles to hold your back in a proper posture for when you are standing or sitting. ALSO… if you are working on handstands, this will help you learn to take the curve out of your back – something I struggled with for years.

Again, when you are doing this exercise, think about how your body feels. How does it feel to hold your low back in this position? Try to remember that feeling, and your muscle memory will develop over time. Then during the day, whenever you think about it, try to move your back into that posture – tilting your pelvis so that your lower back straightens a little and your belly pulls in. Over time, you’ll find yourself remembering to do this more and more often until it becomes second nature.

Read my first post, “When Low Back Pain Strikes Unexpectedly” to learn about my history of low back issues.

*** As with all exercise… if you have very serious back problems such as a herniated disc, you should consult your doctor before trying this.

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